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Ninja BL660 Professional Blender

Best Blender Review #4: The Ninja BL660 Professional Blender has power and elegance that make it an attractive and useful addition to any kitchen appliance collection. Armed with the power and design to tackle any food processing task, this 1000 watt electric blender has strong stainless steel blades that blend all kinds of food easily.

Using the Ninja Professional blender, you can crush or blend, puree or crush. The 72 oz pitcher is capacious enough to handle large quantities of food at one sitting. It has a sleek and elegant appearance to match its performance, with a smooth base and contoured buttons that make it easy to clean up after spills and messes.

The Ninja blender boasts of the most powerful motor among its competing models. The 1000 watts of power it generates make it child’s play to puree foods or crush ice, though it cannot heat soups or whip milk. A standout feature of this blender is the 72 ounce pitcher/container. This is bisphenol and BPA-free, which is safer than other polycarbonates.

The Ninja Professional Blender is dishwasher safe and can be easily cleaned after use. It has a 2 year warranty which should be enough coverage against manufacturing defects and early wear and tear problems. The price at which this top of the line model retails is a pleasant surprise when compared against other models with similar motors.

In summary, the Ninja BL660 Professional Blender is a nice looking and powerful blender which you can use to blend, puree or chop food items easily and effectively. It is a desirable kitchen appliance that is affordably priced and offers great value for the money.

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